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 The Greek hopes to re-open for 2016

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Masonry outdoor showroom and walkway

The Stone Museum represents many things to many people, but it isn't an easy place to define or pin down. As our name suggests, we are a museum of minerals and fossils with a host of indoor and outdoor displays that are “hands on”, enabling visitors of all ages to actually touch specimens from 80 countries. One of our most popular exhibits is the Fluorescent Room, where visitors witness a display of hundreds of rocks (most from the Garden State) that glow in a vibrant array of colors. Recently we have acquired a dinosaur egg from China as well as a leg bone from one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs—the African Spinosaurus. Kids also love our “recycled dinosaur”, Dino, a giant twenty-foot-tall reptile replica who roars with real ferocity.

Monroe the recycled dinosaur

Meet Monroe the Dinosaur

Famous Flourescent Room


Yet we are more than a user-friendly geology and natural history museum. We are also a showcase of “practical masonry”, with hundreds of full-size displays of all types of stone products used in building construction and landscape design set in a continuous wall around our man-made lake (there's no guess work when you can see finished walls and walkways in “the outdoor showroom”). Our museum also depicts the tools and techniques used in past and present stonework. Many visitors have thanked us for helping them choose the right material for their project.

Masonry outdoor showroom and walkway

Masonry outdoor showroom and walkway

Entrance to displays

Education is the “touchstone” of our outdoor display. Displays teach homeowners how to build a fireplace, install veneer brick and stone products. But that still doesn't tell the entire story of The Stone Museum. Some guests don't come to be educated about minerals or stonework; rather, they come to walk or meditate on the lovely arcaded walkways, while listening to the sounds of rushing water that emanate from six stone waterfalls found on the grounds. The lake area is decorated with metal sculptures and striking landscape boulders, many of which derive from the American Southwest.


Masonry table and chairs

Masonry outdoor showroom and walkway


The Stone Museum

Rock and Gift Shop

Rock and Gift Shop display

Special Exhibits

The Stone Museum has created a memorial to the brilliant and acclaimed sculptor Jim Gary (1939-2006), whose "20th Century Dinosaurs" have been exhibited in museums around the nation and the world. Jim, a longtime friend of The Stone Museum, combined and crafted used automobile parts into anatomically accurate dinosaur sculptures, which are infused with a spirit of imaginative realism. Our exhibit focuses on the genius of his technique as well as the highlights of his storied career. Three Gary creations are on display as part of our permanent collection. Jim Gary was the first living artist to have his art on display at the Smithsonian Museum.


Jim Gary Dinosaur

Jim Gary Dinosaur


Real Cobra Helicopter and M-60 Tank

Real Cobra Helicopter and M-60 Tank


Fire truck

Vintage Fire Truck


We've also added an exhibit of Pat Carmella's true to life cobblers shop, which was transported piece-by-piece to the grounds of our museum. Original equipment, hand tools, and supplies highlight this fascinating glimpse into the craft of shoe repair.

Monmouth University has donated their rock collection that is now on display at The Stone Museum.

Come for a visit. It's like visiting the world of Minecraft in HD!!!


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